What If…


“Being rich is more than money. It’s having extra”

I’m sure everyone dreams about having that ‘extra’ in life. Be it time, space and of course ‘money’!

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If a miracle happens and I find myself in possession of million dollars, I shall hardly know what to do with it! Assuming the amount is ‘AFTER’ taxes, well, first of all I would hire an accountant- to figure out what kind of fees I have to pay, because I would be over the maximum limit for a lot of things!

Probably, I would have to open up a bunch of bank accounts just to hold the money. And around this point, I would also be talking to the IT people trying to explain them how I acquired those million dollars.

Assuming all that works out well, here are the few things that you’ll definitely find me into, when I hit that ‘millionaire’ status. I would upgrade certain things in my life.

House: the first on this list! As of this, I would upgrade my parent’s house. Make them shift to a quality ground floor apartment. The one which they will find it comfortable.

Travel: next comes our travel. I mean, we would start taking epic vacations around the globe. To start with, to all our dream destinations in India and rest of the world follow suit.

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Care: take care of family, friends and society by giving back! Giving back can be done in different ways and can make a big difference in someone’s life. I know that my life was changed for the better by others who donated their time and money, so that I could have a better future.images (34)

My balance rests in being able  to set aside some towards an organization or scholarship that allows others to better themselves. The need to give back is being able to bring a smile to someone’s face after you donated your time and money to help out. Not much explanation needed further- I’d just heavily increase the amounts I give out and probably start something of our own that helps “causes”. By this everyone around me would definitely be better off and happier when I have the money and resource to make it happen.

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My dream: I would buy a few hundred acres of farmland and see to that I generate some passive income while leaving something for my children to inherit .Apart from farmland, I would purchase some acres of land on the outskirts of my hometown. With due guidance from the forest department, I would indulge in creating a forest. Yes!, this was my dream for quite long. Plant saplings that would grow to attract diverse flora and fauna. I would see to that my hometown enjoys the natural advantages of having a forest nearby.

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And so goes my list. Having done all these with the abundant money I acquired, the fundamentals of my life wouldn’t change , but the details sure would.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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