Pizza Paratha- deliciously cheesy!

An easy to make kid’s favorite ( tastes quite like pizza ) and mommy’s delight (as it is made of whole wheat and veggies!). This dish is an Indian version of the pizza which is yummy to the tummy as well as healthy.




For Dough:

wheat flour – 1 cup

salt – 1tsp

oil- 1 tbsp

water – as needed

For stuffing:

onion                                                               1  finely chopped

carrots                                                             2 grated

capsicum                                                         1 finely chopped

cheese ( preferably mozarella )                      1 cup grated

oregano                                                            for sprinkling

red chilli flakes (optional as it might be hot for the kids)


  1.  Knead the wheat flour into a soft smooth dough and set it aside for 30 mins
  2. Take the dough and divide into equal balls.
  3. Take two balls and roll it out lightly. One rolled paratha should be bigger than the other one.
  4. Mix all the ingredients for the filling in a bowl.
  5. Now place one rolled paratha (the bigger one) and spread some sauce over it.
  6. Spread the filling over it, sprinkle some oregano and cover it with the smaller rolled paratha and seal the edges.
  7. Heat the tawa and put the stuffed paratha over it. spread some oil , cook and flip over until both sides are cooked well and turn golden



Yummy cheesy pizza paratha is ready! As for the normal Italian one, this too goes well with sauce.

Keep in mind:

Do not over stuff the parathas otherwise stuffing will come out. And while cooking press the parathas gently specially from all the edges so that they are cooked properly.



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