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Here I am again, lying in my bed,

With so many thoughts lingering around my head.

As the clock keeps ticking,

Thoughts about my childhood start tricking.

Captured memories stare back at me,

For lovely they were you see!

Carefree days and endless plays,

I do miss them in so many ways.

A wonderful, hazy, warm feeling,

Comes welling up with my senses reeling.

Joyful and happy times were those,

For I could do, what I chose.

There were so many friends,

With whom chatting had no ends.

Trying our best in several plays,

How enchanting and merry were those days

How I miss the childhood fights,

No hatred and free of all spites.

All forgotten there and then,

With a hearty laugh to be friends again.

I could find happiness in every little thing,

For childhood made everything interesting!

A school holiday would make the house,

A race course of cat and mouse!

Those were days when my mind was clear,

Ignorant of life’s worries and fear.

Remembering my childhood is dear to me,

For all the beautiful things I thought, I did, I was ME!


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