‘Independence’ – Thoughts

Another Independence day is looming over the horizon. While there is a big meaning for the independence that our forefathers fought for and for which our army stand on the border still, there are also other ways of looking at independence.


What does ‘independence’ really mean?.

The easiest answer that all of us know is that 15th of August commemorates the declaration of independence, our country’s liberation from the colonial rule of British and thus the patriotic sentiments attached to the word ‘independence’.

Apart from the flamboyant patriotic songs on streets and treadmill promos of patriotic movies on television channels, freedom sales,offers and a non-working national holiday, how do we relate ourselves to ‘independence’?.

images (2)Does it mean more than freedom from another nation.? Or Does it mean having to listen to and stand up to national anthem ? Or Is it listening to politicians giving speeches that hold no meaning to us or is it just freedom of speech?

Is independence something we feel,hear or touch? Do we listen to our inner self?. Then how else do we relate ourselves to independence?

As the saying goes ‘ beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. I am pretty sure that all of us have our own reflections about freedom and independence.

download (1)I was wondering how the concept of freedom and independence have changed over time. When I asked my 8 year old girl what independence is, she smiled and answered.” flag hoisting, paying respect to the flag, singing national anthem, pining tri-colour badge, and mom! of course the holiday!”.

This is what independence is to a child.

Well, to me:

As the word independence starts with ‘I’, I would say its about doing my own thing.  I believe along with independence and  freedom comes responsibility.

  •  It’s about making my own decisions and holding the responsibility of its consequences.
  • Freedom to express my thoughts, giving myself a chance to do what I desire and again being responsible for it.
  • A sense of individuality that empowers to speak my mind
  • Being my own catalyst for the changes around me and in myself
  • Deciding on my own for better without losing my identity

Above all I believe independence is shaping my own unique path while embracing the opportunities and possibilities that lie before me.

images (1)

Having said that, I would love to hear from you ( yes, you the reader) : thoughts and views on what independence is to you….real, personal and stimulating


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