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So, We are still here for a purpose


“I can’t get the image out of my head.” Even now when I think of it and close my eyes , I can visualize the breath taking moments of our life. A lorry heading towards us with an unbelievable speed. If I ever had to believe in fate and destiny, that was the apt situation. The most life-threatening seconds.  I believe life is precious. Unfortunately, you can only have one life. Death, can sweep you always in an instant. But at the same time, if you are destined to live long, come what may! I learned firsthand of what they say is true. What doesn’t kill you will leave you strong

It happened three years before on a summer day in middle of June. Honestly speaking, I never thought something like this would happen. Nor have I experienced potential fatal happenings before. This is where destiny has its say.

We as a family of close relatives were returning from one of my cousin’s wedding at Chennai in a tempo traveller. It was indeed a beautiful sunny day in the highway. Around 4 in the evening, after short refreshment at Trichy, we were in the verge of joining the four track road towards Madurai. Just then from the left side of the highway, a sand dipper lorry was turning to enter the road from which we were coming. It seemed the reckless lorry driver had no clue or judgement about the turn. By the time he came closer; he had completely lost control of the vehicle and was heading straight towards our van!

I can still remember the image of the furious, uncontrollable, monstrous vehicle charging towards us. I was looking in between the front seat from where I was seated with complete fear. I could feel the impact as the vehicles slammed to each other with unbelievable force…”B…A…N…G.”

After impact, my eyes just fell on my hubby, who was seated in front. I am unable to describe in any other way, the state of his forehead. It was profoundly bleeding. At the back, I could hear the cries, ‘krishna’s ‘ and ‘rama’s’ of the elders. My heart skipped a beat, I couldn’t breathe!

Our driver was clever enough to save all our lives by turning away to avoid head-on collision. Our Van’s bumper and engine was completely jammed!. Luckily we were saved from a fatal head-on collision.

After that what had happened is just absolute miracle. I was in tears seeing my husband; I could see the pain in his eyes. While I was trying for the ambulance, a young man on a bike came; pushed aside the crowd gathered around us and rushed him to the nearby hospital.

Fortunately, all the others had only minor bruises and sprains. My husband had no serious wounds but for few stitches on his forehead. Later when we came to know the name of the young man on the bike, we really felt moved and blessed.  BALAJI!  was with us until we got another van to drive down to our hometown.

The power of prayers cannot be explained, but it can be experienced and there is no such thing as “unanswered prayer”. God always answers…and He did answer us!!!

And so, we are still here for a purpose!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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