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badgeWe belong to a country where women empowerment is top debated. The dream of women empowerment could only be fulfilled through proper education from childhood. To me,education brings awareness which is essential for the survival of women in today’s world. It is indeed true that informed and educated women could take better choices in life!

I feel truly blessed to hail from a family of teaching background. Starting from my grandfather, my uncle, aunt and my mom were teachers… Might be because of that education was never a problem for us-their children. My mom, Mrs. Shantha started her career as teacher and ended her service as a district educational officer which is still the highest government post held in our family. Being brought up amidst educationalists, I was lucky enough to be taught in one of the best schools and colleges.

I was given a strong foundation in my early schooling at Akshara (madurai) which imbibed confidence, self reliance, and to come out of my shell. I was exposed to avid reading in my schooling which still has not reduced over years. I was given freedom to choose my career and take management as my higher education…

When I stepped into my next stage in life. I was welcomed with both hands by my inlaws to continue my higher studies.. I still remember how supportive were my husband and inlaws,when I wrote my treasury management exams on my advanced stage of pregnancy with my first child..

I am now a happy home maker with two kids. My education has and is helping me to manage my time, money and care taking. My second home has welcomed and encouraging my writing skills too. And am now a proud mother for developing and creating an interest in writing to my 7 yr old daughter who has started to write short stories and poems…What else a woman needs in life?!…

Education as a whole has brought out my individuality which in turn has boosted my confidence level.The place where I stand today, I owe it to my teachers, mentors and my parents who are my first teachers in life… Education has made me to accomplish my role as a daughter, wife and a mother..

As an African proverb goes ” if we educate a boy,we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family — and a whole nation. “.. I am now satisfied that I am doing justice to my family and my kids by supporting them morally,emotionally and physically with my knowledge resource.