An ETERNAL Memory – dear most uncle

Words fail and tears roll down as I sit to pen down about you mama. I have so many fond memories with you that I will cherish forever. You have done so much for me but I feel that I could not do enough for you as you spent three painful years in bed. You have been one of the most important people in my life. And we have shared countless moments together which were always full of laughter, love and filled with knowledge. Mama, I am thankful for every single moment we got to share and for all the love and support you have given me from the day I was born. I could go on and on and on….you were the best adult friend that we youngsters in the family had. Indeed you were and you will be our role model and biggest hero.

 Here we are, the ones you left behind, the ones who loved you dearly , thinking about you, how wonderful, supportive, amazing person you were.

And here’s one small tribute to one of the best human I ever knew!!..

What more is there to say?
What greater accolade can be given?
An amazing personality
A music lover
A book of knowledge
A mentor and a friend.

An uncle

It was you who taught everything to us by the way you lived.
There are so many lessons we learnt, most importantly how to fight,
To be proud of whom we are
To stand up with all might.

Through all the important moments in our lives, you made sure to be there.

You have held me in your arms ,

Taught me values and been in my life

Through thick and thin.

You have always been my hero,
From the day I can recall.
You always told me “ do your best”
Never give up heart.

Thirty four years was not enough,
To share the bond we had.
But it was long enough to know,
You were my BEST FRIEND- Prasanna Mama

Your voice, your wisdom, your speech
Will keep lingering in us
We will miss your smile, the one you’ll always wear
Your wit and knowledge that you always share.

That is what we’ll remember you for
Your bravery and the love
That caring and watchful eye
Now will peer upon us from above

We still can’t believe that you are gone
So soon, leaving behind just memories of you.
May be because, God saw you that you were getting tired,
Tired of the fights and pains for the past three years
So, HE put his arms around you and
Took you with him.

Although we loved you dearly,
We could not make you stay.
God broke our hearts to prove us
That HE always ‘ TAKES THE BEST’

Rest in peace my dear mama. I am so thankful for ‘everything’ you gave me and for all the sunshine you have brought to so many people around you.May God gives us the strength to face your loss and courage to move on…


A letter from the Future 


Dear 16 year old me!,

After 18 years of travelling ahead, I have no intentions of breaking the surprises that the future world holds for you.I am writing this letter to you because, I think there are a few things you should know, or at least that I wish I had known when I was right in your stage.

You are now in the crucial stage of class XII having nightmares about the competitive world out there judging about your final scores and your future career options. cool!, the world now I face has umpteen numbers of opportunities other than engineering and medical science. Don’t run behind marks, choose your passion- go ahead and do as your heart desires. There is much more in life other than studies.

That said, I would like yourself to get prepared to face disappointments, failures,embarrassments, rejections on instances of love, friendship and practical life as such as you grow up. This may sound ridiculous, but lets face it!

Stop worrying about everything : like where you are going to study, how much will your friends like you, being too thin or being an introvert. Honestly someday everything is going to be cool!. You are definitely going to get into one of the best colleges in town, make amazing friends and memories

Do what’s right for you : have the courage to tell people what you think, no matter what others say.Be flexible on instances when you need/have to  and be bold and courageous to face tough times.  You’ll definitely be a part of best friends gang you always wanted to be in.

You’ll experience a lot of love and obviously you’ll experience lot of sadness too- but mind you my dear girl, you’ll also witness moments of overwhelming happiness coming along randomly taking you to cloud nine!.You’ll get the love of  your life and live the fairy tale ending. You’ll also remain the same in lot of ways, over the years no matter how old you get.

On a final note, You are going to experience not only some amazing memories of education, class, books, friends and family : you will also get to see so much more of what really the world out there is!  and who really  care for you.

You have a lot in store my dear girl – so be prepared


slightly matured and wiser self!

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