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Year: 2050

Date: July 4th

Place: Washington D.C


Conversation between two  young American IT professionals

Mark: “hey Brian, what’s up? In which stage is your Chennai skilled worker Program proceeding?

Brian: “well, just finished my Visa Interview yesterday @ Indian Embassy!”

Mark: “that’s cool man!.. How did it go?.. Heard that it’s getting very strict these days”

Brian: “ yeah, but managed to get it through!”

Mark: “ congrats man!, how long did it take?.. they have all their strict procedures right!”

Brian: “hugh!…it look hell a lot of time…long queue. In fact I had a kind of butterflies in my stomach when I saw ppl lining up like that”

Mark: “I have heard my dad say that it was vice versa way back in 2016”

Brian: “exactly!.. well, now they’re ‘ Bade Bhaiya’! Socially and economically!”

Mark: “tell me how did you manage in the interview? And how did you cope up with their language. You know every state has its own language!”

Brian: “Ha, Mark!, that’s  where I cleverly chose Chennai. From my school days I have been learning Tamil from my aunt who is a Tamilian. You know, at the consulate they even tested my local language proficiency. Thank God, my Tamil scores in TOTIL was 4.5 (Test Of Tamil as Indian Language) . And I was lucky enough to be directed to kidki 3 (vias officer there is a native tamilian)..He was awestruck by the way I greeted him “ Vanakkam sir, Nalla irukeengala “ in a typical Indian style by joining palms.”

Mark: “that’s great..By the way who’s your sponsor?

Brian: “ Honeywell technology solutions, a pure south Indian company. And I am posted in Madurai, the marvelous temple city!”

Mark: “oh really!, lucky to work in a pure Indian company. People down there are really intelligent. Indian companies are pay masters and they value your work”

Brain: “true Mark. I hope companies here to follow their footsteps”

Mark: “so, you gonna have fun there!”

Brian: “yeah!, I will be living in one of the ancient city in the world. Got to speak the ancient language, will get a chance to travel across my dream country INDIA in smart trains, will be visiting their wonderful flora and fauna! And ofcourse the most entertaining Kollywood!..”

Mark: “ how about the salary?, will you be able to manage?”

Brian: “ pretty cool and cost of living is quiet manageable when compared to Chennai , Coimbatore. It is 1000 rupees for single room accommodation. And the best part of this city is it lip smacking foods!.I need to allocate some extra amount for that.”

Mark: “ oh no!, that’s way high for US people.” (* current exchange rate is $150 per rupee) and “how long is your tenure Brian?”

Brian: “what do you mean by ‘how long’, I am assured that my Aadhar card will be processed in a year’s time!..That means, I am settled there forever!”

Mark: “sounds cool!, you know their PM is scheduled to visit US by 2052, maybe he will relax the visa terms and increase the number of  visa intakes!”

Brian: “hopefully!, make sure you join me soon!”

Mark: “of course!, who would deny to settle in India – the  historial/cultural and economical super power”

Brian: ” Good luck with that”



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Blogadda Wow posts

Voice of Silence



Silence speaks………
When love flows between two yearning hearts where words become narcissistic

Silence speaks……
When their eyes measure, ears lean and where feelings become a bundle of unspoken words

Silence speaks……
When the loving couple walk hand in hand, where even the tapping footsteps fade

Silence speaks……
When the duo take a moonlight stroll where even the crickets cease their song

Silence speaks…..
When the twosome sit in eternal bliss
Where even their whispers travel miles away

Silence speaks…..
When the air filled with nothing but love where words fail to conquer.

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