Dear Hubby, You are a special dad because…

I feel so lucky to be married to a man who plays such an active role in our kids lives. The transition from couple s seemed terrific for us. I wondered what kind of mother I would be? What kind of father he would be? Were we really ready?. Ready or not , baby was coming!
Once we became parents, we realized how heightened responsibility would be. And it was there , I truly began to feel the kind of father I have given to my kids.
He is funny. My husband plays the fool whenever there is slightest possibility of getting a laugh. Sing, dance, make funny faces, you name it!. He is up for doing whatever to earn a giggle. When tensions run high and I am at my wits end, its often his humour with the kids that makes me calm down and save my sanity!
He’s smart. I rely on him not only to assist our kids in their understanding but to make it fun too. From broken toys to broken feelings, he’s a natural at curing whatever it is for me and our kids.
He is an amazing dad to our kids. From changing diapers, making bottles, giving baths, combing hair, showering them with hugs and kisses. Honestly I would go on and on. He is a perfect family man. There’s no where he’d rather be than with his family. He has strong desire for kids to be happy and confident.

Finally, I love him more as a dad than a husband ( in fact am bit jealous of it too!)
-’cause no one can make my children laugh like he can. Even if I try as much as I can, the best belly laughs are always for DAD
-’cause nothing binds like children. Parenthood bonds are stronger than marriage vows. He forgives my mistakes as a dad!
-’cause he is the man I want my son to be
-’cause he is the man my daughter will compare others to. She may not know it yet, but some day, she will search for a man who will love her as much as him
-’cause he understands what pregnancies have made to my body and health. And that makes me feel more beautiful in his eyes.
-’cause he has given me a world. A world which revolves around the three best gifts. And for that, I will always love him.
Happy Father’s day to the most loving, handsome dad! We love you

short story

The R-O-A-R of Boo-Boo

As the sun rose lazily over the horizon, it woke the jungle slowly. With the morning birds chirpping, the cool breeze toured around making the flowers and trees dance with rhythm. With the gushing sound of water like crystals downpour, the water was falling like a clear sky.

Simha the lion king’s den was near this white milky waterfall.  This mighty wildcat’s roar was like a huge thunder and the sound was profoundly heard throughout the forest.

Boo-boo was a naughty little cub in simha’s pride and was his dear most son!. He would play with his son growling and swiping at one another. The cheeky cub would tug on his father’s mane, chewing on his fur and even smack him adorably!. When mama and papa would take their little son stroll around the jungle, the lion king would let out his mini-roars that only hint at his full vocal capacity. Looking at this curiously, little Boo-boo would try to imitate his papa’s bellow but would end up like a kitten’s “meow”!.

The naughty cub would keep on trying to “ROAR” and his mama Sherni would encourage him by saying that he will grow up fast and will have the mighty roar as his dad’s.

One day when Boo-boo was practicing roaring as usual…….he finally ‘R-O-A-R’ ed!!!. Mischievous little cub wanted to show off his proud new rumbling voice and scare the animals. He hid behind a thick-studded thorny bush waiting for his prey. The twin bunnies fluffy and pluffy were happily crossing the bush…

“R-O-A-R” came a deep voice behind the bush.

“E-e-e—e—–e—-k”“screamed the two and ran for life.

They huffed and puffed panic stricken by the sudden new roar!

Boo-boo found this quiet amusing and funny. He became too proud of having scared the bunnies with his new husky roar. He wanted to try it again with Bambi the fawn.

She was calmly grazing alone in the grasslands not too far from Boo-boo’s den. our naughty little cub now stealthy sneaked near Bambi and let out his less thunderous “R—O—A—R”. It made her bone-chill and ran hither-thither.

And so went, Boo-boo’s scary drama to show off his roaring voice!.Simha was very proud of his son’s voice transformation and taught him more of his mighty strong reverberating roar! After all,. Little Boo-boo was the king of the jungle in training! And ready to take over the world