My Tubby Ganesha

  “Vakrathunta mahakaaya surya koti samaprabha         Nirvighnam kurumedevo sarva karyeshu          sarvathaam “

A Quick sketch of Him



One tusk, four arms carrying noose and goad, with his hands dispelling fear and granting boons, with the mouse as his banner…..

Yes!..He is none other than my favorite God “ Ganesha”. This elephant headed one is favorite for not only me but to almost all Indians. He is not looked upon as a God rather a friendly savior.

My acquaintance with him, or to put in the other way, our godly friendship started from my early age. May be because, unlike other deities, there is no strict rule binding the form of his worship.

"Manjalilay Seiyinum Manninaley   Seiyinum 
Ainthezhuthu Manthiratai Nenjil   Natum Pillayar  ". 

(from one of His  hymns in Tamil)

Meaning whether you make Him tumeric powder or even with mud, He fondly sits and solves his devotees sorrows with adoration to Shiva  inbibing On Nama Shivaya- the five letter mantra.

To me, at first he seemed to be a strange representation, with his pot belly and elephant head. As I got to know more about him through slokas and stories, I understood that this calm and majestic figure evokes great love and never fear. He cuts rather a comic figure with his features. In fact this unusual form of his, got embedded in my mind at my early age. He is a typical combo of wit and playfulness that any child would get attracted to.

This jumbo God in many aspects is the most interesting deity. You can bump into him wherever you go. Under the trees along the national highways, little road side shrines, street corners and under peepal trees!. I look upon him as malleable, amenable, amusing and ironical!. His unique characteristics, fun-loving, happiness and cleverness bond me tightly to him and made him his ardent devotee…rather a very good friend of mine!

Ever since His temple was built in our apartment, He became even more closer to me. As His temple is piled high with offerings and pungent smoke filling the air divinely, I stand before Him looking at him deeply.Everytime I look at his eyes, it twinkles as that of a mischievous child!. It is always a straight conversation between us. He is always ready to help me and listen to me as I know the ways to appease my dear friend!. Both of us crave for bananas!, isn’t that enough to make him happy?..And bribing him with his favorite food – coconut, all my genuine wishes are granted “thathasthu”!.. But there are times when I have fought with this mighty figure. I have avoided seeing him for days for my unanswered prayers.

But after all, it is Godly to forgive!, my generous jumbo  would never mind this silly girls anger. He will somehow get in to my mind and pull me to see him!..

For an amateur artist like me, he comes out fondly in any form of art. With a few simple curves, he sits majestically on my paper!.

My Canvas painting of Him

He has abiding presence not only with me but in all households. Unquestionably, He is the most loveable, mischievous of all deities. With his grandfatherly presence  to  elders, a loving friend to the young, his protuberant belly and twinkling eyes, He surely is the savior of all!.