The THREE words that make my day.




Words as such can inspire, encourage, support, disappoint, discourage. They reflect our thoughts and moods. In fact words have enormous power over people. Sometimes words are window-dressing of life. They scrub it up, make it sound important or look beautiful.


There are some words that creates a kind of happiness and makes your day!. Well, here I come with the three most favorite words that keeps on lingering in my day to day life.

‘Mom’ ( amma- in Tamil)


I can’t think of any other word that means so much or that has changed me in so many ways. It just keeps on banging my ears from dawn to dusk. May be these are the reasons behind my love towards this fascinating word


#  the word that taught me that no decision is mine alone.

#  the word which is my everyday motivation to be the best version of myself

#  the word that shows me what I am capable of

the word that is the ultimate never ending contradiction

the word that reminds me of my own strength, wisdom and my beauty.




My next best favorite word coz its  the reflex word that I utter whenever I hear my first favorite word ! I almost use this word 24× 7! Yes in it’s all possible forms.

#  What?- as a question pronoun when my toddler keeps on calling me.

what – as a relative pronoun with my 8yr old girl

What!  – as an interjection when both my kids mess up the house as Tom n Jerry



My third favorite word which I am searching till date ever since I became a mom. The one word which I crave for on days filled with sounds of cry, laugh. Cars, cartoons, fights and what not. And at the same time it is that one word which I can’t stand to hear. Yes! As the saying goes
” Silence is golden. Unless you have kids. Then silence is Suspicious! ”


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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