#ChampIsBack- Waiting to Grab it for my Champs!

The heat of the day had ebbed to comforting warmth as I strolled down the street for a evening walk. The hot air was being replaced by the cool evening breeze. As I was walking, I saw a young dad with his 5 yr old son deeply involved in a conversation. It was a wonderful sight to see. I could hear what their conversation was all about when I neared them.

It went like this..” you see my boy, in old days people didn’t have mobile phones…..”

I was too struck that our past had already become the next generation’s history!. The little boy had the same look on his face as I had when my dad had explained to me about television! As I moved away from the duo, their conversation blurred out. I started to observe as I strolled. Everywhere people were sitting in parks, walking down the streets, waiting at bus stops- almost all of them with phones pressed against their ears..

Mobile phones are probably one of the best examples of how technology can change the nature of social interaction and even how we look at the world. As days pass, technology is making mobile phones smarter as its users are turning more “pre-occupied”.

When all these were at the background score of my thoughts, I didn’t fail to notice the increased number of mobile-phone showrooms and ad hoardings and posters on the smarter ones. . Suddenly, a flash of light occurred on my mind- why not upgrade my smarty to a smarter one. After all, you have to be a Roman when you are in Rome!.

Surfing with my existing smart phone, I finally came to a conclusion that ‘LG Nexus 5X ‘ was more lucrative, attractive, addictive ( I am out of perfect adjectives here!).


With my toddler monster always into mischief and fun, its powerful 12.5 mp rear camera with 1.55μm pixels can capture him in his darker hide-out spots at home!. And my little munchkin is too fond of the selfies…yes!  Because he loves to see his own self… And with LG Nexus 5X’s 5mp front camera,it would show him crystal clear and take pictures of him with his trademark glee.

My wookie bear is a curious cuite pie who seems to dismantle and research almost anything and everything he sees…so, I dare not sit in front of pc/ laptop to do my blogging stuff or even check mails. And that’s how I settled for all these mailing, skype-ing, social-networking and even blogging with a smart phone in  my palms.

Nexux 5X’s Andriod 6.0 Marshmallow and its pre installed google apps will be the right choice and will be of great help for a mommy-amateur blogger like me. Of course it will be of wonderful use for capturing the precious moments of my kids life, share the joy with my friends and family and about my elder one’s achievements.( come on! she too loves to flaunt!)

Other features that make me fall for LG Nexus 5s is its 2GB RAM. That sounds perfect for me to record, snapshot, and share and accommodate numerous files on the go!

Needless to say, all these features kindle me to possess this phone like device with computer like features as my all solution-at-palm smart friend!

So, Here I come to “Make a wish, Take a chance and be ready for the Change”.

Hoping this dream of mine come true ‘cause “I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.“



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