Trip To Mahabaleshwar

On Saturday 25th April, we went for a trip  to Mahabaleshwar and Panchagani near Pune. We went on car from Mumbai. On our way, we crossed five tunnels. The crossed through mountains and valleys to reach Mahabaleshwar.

We reached at around 8pm and stayed at a lodge. I could see beautiful valley view from the sitout of our room.

In the morning, after quick refreshment, we started our sightseeing from Lord Mahabaleshwar temple and Panchganga temple.

10421251_10154310882238521_1896094189533616846_n  Panchganga temple.

At this temple, five rivers meet at one place and flow out as single stream from Nandhi’s(cow) mouth. The water was tasty, clear and very cool.

After a good dharshan, we went to see mount view points. They are:

  • Hunter’s point – Britishers hunted wild animals here.
  • Eco point – When we shout, it returns back our voice.
  • Kate’s point – We saw Balakwadi dam from this point.

11150876_10154310882618521_8300771480197577279_n  Kate’s Point

  • Elephant point – A natural rock which looks like elephant’s face.
  • Arthur’s seat – A British named Sir Arthur Malet used to sit here and read books
  • Tiger’s spring – A natural spring where animals come and drink water.

After visiting these hill points, we visited Strawberry Garden. Strawberry is a small plant. First, the plant blooms a white flower, then it turns in to a red flower and then comes strawberries. Mulberries and rasberries were also grown in the garden. We ate farm fresh strawberries with fresh strawberries with fresh cream.

11110187_10154310882543521_7899171906467698932_n Strawberry garden

After lunch, we strolled through Mapro garden. On its entrance, along the roadside, there was fresh strawberry market. Finally we went to table land (Panch gani). There are five flat mountain peaks. It looked like a huge flat land. There was a small cave in one of the table land.

11015955_10154310883163521_9001864422562147101_n Panch Gani (the flat land)

We had a wonderful and exciting trip there. I took lot of photographs with my new camera. My summer trip the land of valleys and mountains was memorable.

Malini Venkataraman

(Pictures were taken by Malini )


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