‘Pamper’ing the positive way #SoftestForBabySkin

images (18)Despite all anticipatory parenting done before conception, during pregnancy; despite weeks of feeling movements within , despite months of having strange dreams, worrisome thoughts and musings about what kind of a mom I would be, the first time I held my elder daughter in my arms, a sense of awareness flooded over me that life will never be the same hereafter. Another human being is now dependent upon me for survival. More than anything else, I pledged to be the best mom possible and I hope I am doing justice for my two kids.

I knew that my desire to be a good/responsible mom will together be a great source of energy and stress. After all, both are part and parcel of mommy hood.

When my little bundle of joy was shown to me first, a tingle surged throughout my whole body. It was a rush of excitement I had never felt before in my life. When my eyes hit her angelic little body, they froze and I couldn’t think or acknowledge anything else around me. My hands quivered as I slowly reached down to touch her tender fingers and felt the softness of her skin. I ran the tips of my fingers very gently across her smooth face and right away, I fell in love!

There started my responsibility in protecting my little angel’s skin. Nothing is more immaculate than a baby’s skin and for a then new mom like me, figuring out how to take good care of it can be boggling. Confronted with shelves of baby-care products as gifts and buys, I did have a tough time to know which choice will be safe, effective and harmless for my lil one.

A baby’s skin is an ultimate blank slate- free of all the marks that she later might accumulate over her lifetime. And every time I touch and handle her, a sense of newness and responsibility kept warning the mom within. I did realize that her skin needs more care than just cuddling. The sun, pollutants and the very process of living take their toll on her skin.

At this juncture, I would like to say that, I was fortunate enough to be taken care by my mom, my periamma (mom’s elder sis) and my grand ma. With my grand ma’s experience and expertise, I and my daughter were blessed to be under her nurture and guidance.

How many of us know that a human being has the best skin when he/she was a baby! Well, I knew this only when I became a mom. Now, that makes sense on why a baby’s skin need to be taken good care of and protected!.

So, here I come to the most important point to baby skin care tips that I was given and followed.

#1 Bath Basics:

Our’s  is a generation obsessed with cleanliness, which means we, this age parents tend to overdo it when it comes to bathing our beauties! My little one was given gentle oil massage and bath once in two days. Now and then, a gentle sponge bath of the bottom and genitals with lukewarm water is more than enough. Bathing them too often with soaps and shampoos may cause allergic reaction on skin and also it may sap the vital nutrients from the skin. Also they might catch cold easily.

images (17)

I used only my mom’s softest cotton saris and my cotton duppattas to wipe my kids after bath. I just tap dry them without rubbing. Doing this way, the baby feels more comfortable and it is gentle on their skin too.

#2 Powdering

download (5)

The second most important aspect of baby skin care is after bath powdering or powdering in general. I was using a renowned brand that is specially designed for babies. As a rule, it is best if you avoid powdering the diaper area, as it may lead to future complications and infections. Just wipe off the wetness/ dirt in the diaper area with soft damp cloth or wipes to ensure cleanliness. And I never powdered my kids face until they are one year old. Sometimes powdering on the face may cause allergic reactions and cough.

#3 The Bottom Side

As a mom of two, I would advice to restrict the use of nappies and diapers only when the baby is taken out for vaccinating or out for long. I actually started ‘Pamper’ing my cuties only on those occasions during their first year. Rest of the time, mine was cared under home-made cotton nappies. For during their intial months, babies tend to urinate and poo often and for that cotton nappies are advisable to protect their skin from rashes. The best for babies I would say!.

download (6)

The cleaner and drier the baby’s bottom, the less likely that their skin will become irritated. Most importantly, give the baby some nappy/diaper- free time on a towel/soft spread for few mins everyday.

Only after their 11th month, my kids were ‘pamper’ed on nights for un disturbed sound sleep. And I owe to pampers a lot for keeping my lil ones dry and comfortable to enjoy their good night’s sleep.

 #4 The Mom’s Part:

  Yes! We mother’s should also follow certain things for the well being of our babies.

Never use strong perfumes, talcum powders or fragrant soaps. The smell may irritate your young one and even cause allergy. Wear only cotton outfits which are comfortable for you and your baby. Avoid wearing heavy/crafted jwellery- these may hurt your lil one while you handle.

#5 Finally the General one’s

  • Make sure that your babies new outfits are washed before wear. It softens the new outfits, removes the smell the new dress has and also bacteria if any due to numerous hands handling before it reaches you!
  • Avoid washing your lil ones clothes with strong detergents and soaps. Gentle warm water wash and drying it in sunlight removes stains and bacteria.
  • Never allow everyone to handle your baby. Atleast for the intial few months to avoid infections. Though it is heartbreaking and little rough on your part to say it, your dear one’s will understand when it is told for the well being of the baby.


Sharing is caring! Hope the tips I have shared are useful and will make you understand that your baby’s sweet, tender, sensitive skin needs nothing but best care!

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