A whisper in her ears

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maa, thu hai hamari dhuniya!…Yes, you are the world to us

You open your gates for love and affection

The moment we land on you, a sense of satisfaction embrace us.

What a wide variety of culture you host,

for you are the gift of nature we boast.

Even the saints and priests, in you did dwell

Vedas, epics and myths we retell.

Your monuments speak your history

still in you are places of mystery.

we crib, we fight

we argue, we exploit

we squabble over prices

we objurate when we hate,  flatter when merry

But you wink at our glitches

For ‘Mother’ you are to us.

INDIA…..Our motherland

A delight to others,pride to her her scions

Beared so much for us,went through grimes.

A tribute to your forbearance and serenity

 I whispered in to her ears…

I care not for the words or structure nor the composition

for the freedom you gave is to feel and express

……. Mother India smiles, free from all worries


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