Helping others

IMG_20140329_130111One day when I was returning home in school bus, the bus stopped at the traffic signal.I saw an old man trying to cross the road.He was not able to cross because of the heavy traffic.A college student helped the old man to cross the road by holding his hands carefully. After seeing this, Ithought I should also help others like this when I grow elder.images




” Mom, why is the sun and the moon are always up in the sky?… won’t they come down to earth?”…my daughter asked me. Hmmm..what would I say!…Does anyone have an answer for this? Well the question she had asked became an idea for a story. so, today I would manage with the sun and moon for story-time!..But wait!…I should be ready by tonight..

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Eureka! I started to think of the stories my periappa ( dad’s elder brother) would tel me when I was small..so…here is my version…hope my little one gets satisfied with my story today!

Millions of years ago, both the sun and the moon lived only on earth.The sun, the moon were like twins..both were always together!…Water was their close friend.The trio met everyday and would spend the day chatting.It so happened that every time the friends would meet only at the water’s place.The Sun was so curious to know why water never visits their home.

one day he asked water ” why are you not visiting us dude?! ” so said the moon along with the sun as both of them shared the same house.Water smiled at his friends and replied ” come on yaar, I have lots of other friends too.I can’t leave them and come. If I bring them along, your house wouldn’t accommodate all of us. that’s why”.

“If we build a bigger house will you visit us? ” said sun instantly!..

“yes of course! I would love to.” Water

Both the friends began to build a bigger and spacious house. They were so involved that they even missed to meet water for quiet a few days…When the new house was ready, the friends with an enthusiastic mood invited water to visit them soon.

The day came, sun and moon decorated their house.And lo!there came their much awaited friend with its other pals. ” Can we come in?” asked water. ” oh yes! most welcome dears”..poor sun he didn’t see the scene outside his house.

The moment he opened the door, water rushed into the house followed by his fellow mates. Any guess of who his friends would be?. Well, they were none other than a great shoal of fishes, knot of snakes, a bale of turtles and other water creatures. Water with great enthusiasm, started to enter nook and corner of the house. Along came his friends wriggling, waggling, swimming occupying the entire house!

As time passed by, the water level stared to raise. The sun and the moon looked at each other worried. The level of water raised so fast that the hosts had no other choice other than the roof to stand. To their surprise and shock, their friend came up their too!. Both of them now had nowhere to go. Very embarrassed, they climbed up to the sky and stood there.It was the only place where their wonderful friend was not able to reach.

With great sigh of relief, from then on wards, the sun and the moon started to live in the sky!

Won’t we think that with all these embarrassment, they would still be friends?…To our surprise, they are still close friends but at a distance!!!