The Pizza in Dosa

Sharing a fun breakfast/dinner for toddlers and kids that is healthy as well. Finding a Pizza in a dosa is a great alternate  for kids and toddlers who are fed up with the monotonous dosas. This recipe has all the fun things that a pizza carries as well! So, you can really hide the dosa in the pizza blanket.


The ingredients: (serves 2)

Idli/dosa batter -1 cup

Carrots- 2 (grated)

Capsicum (1red, 1yellow and 1green) 3 – cut into small cubes

corn kernels ( pre boiled )- this is optional

Cheese – block/cubes

pepper powder

oregano flakes


  1. Keep the idli batter ready; make sure it is in pourable consistency.
  2. Heat a tava and wipe it with little oil. Pour 1 or 2 ladle full of batter. Do not spread it much. Drizzle oil along the edges.
  3. Add the grated carrots, capsicums, corn kernels over the batter. Make sure they are evenly spread on the dosa.
  4. Close it with a lid.
  5. Carefully lift the dosa and place it on a plate and top it by grating the cheese when its hot so that the cheese melts and blends with the toppings.
  6. sprinkle some pepper powder and few oregano flakes to make the item smell pizza! These are few gimmicks done to make kids feel the pizza part in the dosa 🙂

You can either slice it or serve it as a full pizza !

Kids will surely get hooked to this dish as mine did!


The toppings can be of any combo of veggies but make sure you don’t skip the cheese part







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