short story

Foxu and Limmu

It was deep mid winter, Foxu the Fox was very very hungry. ” where am I going to get something to eat today?”. He wailed to himself to stop his grumbling hungry stomach. As he was pondering over this and reluctantly strolling cross a big banyan tree, his nose twitched. He could smell something quacky!. Ah!, there he could see Limmu, the Duck who was walking through the forest, towards the pond.Foxu quickly tickled his brain to plot an idea for his meal.
He started to walk towards Limmu as if he didn’t notice him. But Limmu saw Foxu marching towards him at a distance. Panicky, Limmu started on his feet as fast as he could without turning his head. Foxu now had no choice but to grab his food and chased behind Limmu.
Limmu ran whacky-quacky with her tiny webbed foot and dived in to the pond. She paddled her foot so fast that it was like a motorboat sailing. She cleverly reached the middle of the pond where the fox could not reach.
Disappointed Foxu could just do nothing but gaze at his yummy meal wading in the water. Limmu was out of danger. Thank God she remembered what her mother duck had told about foxes. Her mother had told her that foxes can’t swim in deep waters. That saved her Limmu today!

Moral: Listen carefully to what elders say. They re our well-wishers.


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