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Moments to cherish with my ” Minions”!

Parenting is hard. Parenting two “aajkal ke bacche” with pretty long gap is HARD and ofcourse filled with funny moments too. Every single day is sleep-deprived, roller coaster of emotions. Children make even the smallest things a challenge. Getting them dressed is a power struggle, going to pee is a stand-off, ‘eating’ is a never ending negotiation. Sometimes, keeping my children alive feels like an accomplishment. Yet, these are the days and moments in my life as a mother which I not only enjoy but cherish. These are fun filled moments with tons of uncertainty and curiosity. Every single difficulty that I face as a mom with these mini-‘me’s go nowhere when they give that naughty, innocent geek look and awe me with their curious questions.

Apart from having small beings who resemble me in looks and behaviour( OMG that’s my greatest worry!!)- there are lot more things my wookie bears make and do that give meaning to my life as a mother.

I just love the privilege of being a parent of #aajkalkebacche.   and here’s how my days roll with their mischief and intelligence.

#1: Handling gadgets– specially smart phones, I tell you,  they are the typical Aajkalkebacche moments.

When my elder one was 18 months(she is now 8yrs), I was then using a N72 mobile. I had carefully kept a pattern lock for it. Poor me! I was so technically, gadgetly illiterate that I didn’t knew that sliding the camera lens would unlock the set. This was gleefully shown by my smarty in her toddler years while she was happily meddling with it .

Seven long years later, I have this Maddy boy who always spies on my BlackBerry. I am damn sure, it is looking like a real berry to him. The way he touches, swipes, slides, looks, pokes..oh! My! My!…kids these days are born technically sound.

#2 ..  I am sure am raising a lawyer ( hope doesn’t turn out to be a criminal lawyer)

Me: ” were you good at your grandma’s house?.. no mischief and tantrums right?”

” Ammaaaa…! What do you mean by Good?”

Me at kitchen cooking dinner:

My girl: ” when can I cook like you amma?”

Me: ” well, when you grow up”

My girl: ” haven’t I grown?.. am 8 now!. So can I cook now? ”

Me: ” may be when you are older.”

My girl: ” like 9 or 10? ”

Me: ” more like 19.”

My girl: ” 12?”

Me: ” may be 18″

My girl: ” how about 11?”

That’s when I stopped the conversation” come on baby, dinner time.” and left the kitchen.

I don’t know when and where from she picked up these negotiation skills.

At bedtime:

Me: ” please sweetie, move a bit and give space for your little brother na!”

My girl : ” Ain’t I your kid?.”


#3 – Too smart

Me and my husband were conversing in hindi about one of our relatives. We chose hindi ‘coz our then 3 year old girl could understand kannada, tamil and english! And we were double careful in not uttering his name. But to our shock and surprise, she came up to us and told ” hey!you were talking about that mama right!”..but I can’t understand what it was all about. By the way, is it hindi mom?!!.”

So, good( smiled at us with surprise!!) Both of you know hindi uh?!..

And she left the room

*silence*- we were either thinking of inventing a new language or better talk after she sleeps.

moments with my aajkalka toddler

My 18 months boy is killing me these days with his blabbers. His language is so out of control that he has something awesome to say about everything. The very first word he uttered with knowing its meaning is ‘ naa..naa’..( no no with pointers moving fast to n fro). I don’t know where from they learn to negate first!

He is always fond of kitchen and kitchen utensils. He is a curious little croc who always wishes to be in kitchen when I cook. Obviously, now he knows how to cook!!. Sounds strange! right?.. but I am damn sure that he can,  by the way he handles the tawa, holds the spatula and makes dosas for me with his kitchen set.

Kids…ah!.. you get to love them!!. Living with children is an experience within itself. For every hardship we face with them, we are assured of with some amazing, funny experiences and stories to tell. The memories that my “minions ” give will stick with me for the years to come.

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