Simply Being A Mom

A mother isint based on external perfection. She is a woman, a person just like you and me..

I never knew how hard it is to be a mom and ofcourse how rewarding and contented it is, before I became one.After all those wonderful unversity studies, seminars , a decorative and socially elated degree behind your name , the moment you get married and become a mom, life becomes topsy turvy. I don’t understand why ‘ home making ‘ isnt looked upon as a profession?!..I hate when I hear people tell me “ oh!you don’t work?!”.. Poor fellows, they never are going to understand the way it feels to be one!…

I feel somehow it is mixed up with the media world of things , places to go, career graph, materialistic race and the beauty of simply being a mother gets completely lost. Sometimes we look to those big things and use them as a grade for a women’s success .

There isint much glamour, I agree. But there is ME, ME giving to myself. Minute by minute, hours by hours, day by day, month by month adding up to years creating a beautiful, meaningful life filled with orinary enough mom moments..

It’s simply being a mom

Getting up in the morning, looking in the mirror, sighing, quickly brushing and freshening up, picking up the whailing toddler and wandering into the kitchen, rinsing dishes, waiting for the coffee to brew, kissing the kid on the head…..ahhh..MOM THINGS!

The things that don’t get celebrated on fb or twitter or any social media that much. They are just MOM THINGS that I cherish both as a mom of two and as a daughter myself.

Standing in the bathroom with kids singing or chatting, the trips back n forth,back n forth .the reapeted walks around the house. Standing/waiting at the doctor’s, carrying them where ever you go,  full waterbottles and biscuits always stocked on your shopping bags, hand kercheives , nappies and wet wipes being a part of your handbaggage…are simple mom things that goes unnoticed.

The bandages on knees, kisses on foreheads, pillows pushed just the right way, laundry folded, folded and folded!, blankets tucked perfectly and sometimes tears that peep as you keep going are the moments that a mom alone can feel.

Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to make sure all are okay?

Have you ever felt your heart wander outside your body?

Have you ever thought which plants are poisonous in your garden?

Have you ever been felt so clupmsy, wet , shabby and yet look and feel so beautiful and fresh?!

All these” have you’s “lead ultimately to simply being a mom!

Yes. To me, Simply being a mom is enough

It’s enough I say!