The World Without Internet


Let me begin by saying that we all love internet more than each one of us. We love it because it keeps us connected, it keeps us informed and most of all it has blurred the lines between business, pleasure and complete mindlessness. Nothing has connected and brought together millions of people on a platform as internet has done. Certainly, it has turned out to be the most important inventions in the history of mankind and has become a way of life for almost more than 3.2 billion people across the world.

images (4)So, thinking of a world without internet would certainly sound a nightmare for most of us now. From surfing to taking help from the internet for doing projects, collecting information and even cooking! We would certainly find it difficult to imagine our life without the internet. Before going into the Utopian world sans internet let us get to know how it has gulped us down the lane.

Listed below are some interesting facts about internet I came across

  • It is estimated that approximately 200 billion emails and 3 billion Google search would have to wait if the internet goes down for a day.
  • Internet sends approximately 204 million emails per minute and 70% of all the mails sent are spam. 2 billion electrons are required to produce a single email.
  • The internet requires 50 Million horsepower to keep running in the current state.
  • It would take over a billion DVDs to store the entire information that is available on the Internet.
  • Google is the most widely used search engine, and is used to search for more than a billion queries per day!
  • Approximately 9 Million adults in Britain and one-third of Italians have never used the internet. Imagine that! While there are treatment camps for internet addicts in China, a vast population of people has never used it till date.

Having known about the above fascinating facts of the penetration of internet across the globe and in every human’s life, imagining a world without internet would indeed be a big problem. Life without internet would unquestionably affect our lifestyle, fraternizing, communication, workplace, business and eventually economy as a whole: as it has become the greatest single force that has shaped and affected every aspect of our lives.


Imagining a world without internet:  what would all of us do? Try to build our own internet? Would we sit with our pc’s, tablets, kindle’s, smart phones for hours staring at the black screens? Seriously, what would happen? I think some would wait for an hour or may be longer. Some would stop existing!  Because they have no real life! They only exist on the internet with their online avatars.

 But life has to move on! So, imagining a world without Internet would eventually take us to the life that our parents and grandparents lived.


  • We would be forced to get back to the fundamental way of life, socialize and communicate on a very basic level.
  • May be it would enhance our communication skills and language.
  • It would very well increase our desire to meet people in person.
  • The art of writing letters would resurrect.
  • Family bonding would increase abundantly owing to frequent calling and visiting
  • May be we would start buying from our local markets and in turn that would develop the local economy
  • Finally without Googling for ‘how to, what if, when does, where do, why…..’ for everything, we would resort back to Books! Of course. The diminishing habit of reading books physically and the pleasure it gives would certainly be felt again.

imagesWell, essentially we have to remember one thing; we have achieved what we are today long before internet was invented. This technological advancement has supported us to excel more in socializing, doing business and has lead to various other future prospects only from the 21st century. It was mankind which invented this technological breakthrough and I am very confident that as a sixth sensed race we would surely adapt and keep the ball rolling as in our past- may be even stronger and determined. Who knows! We may invent something that is more fascinating than the internet!

*all images used here are of course googled !!- (‘ without internet?..are you kidding?’)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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