It’s ‘Snow’ much Fun

As Jennifer lazily opened her eyes, she expected to see light streaming through the windows, but instead she witnessed only white all over! She was able to feel freezing cold air snaking down her back, making her shiver. She rolled over the bed to flip her mobile to see the time. It was 7 a.m. The weather widget was animating a snowfall. Jennifer was thrilled! She quickly threw out her blankets and pressed her face to the window pane to have a closer look outside. She was able to see intricate patterns of ice floating weightlessly downward from the pure white sky from above. Each snowflake swirling and dancing as an icy wind carried it closer to her vision. The trees stood starkly in the winter morning like x-rays of their summer selves.


The snow from above had completely vanished the colors of fall turning all into white. It might be winter but she still finds beauty in it. The clarity and the kind of serenity that it gives, lets her notice small details as how the trees though bare have the promise of spring within them. It seemed to her as if God Himself lies dormant in those branches, ready to burst out with green and greet the world when the season changes! To some winters are cold and miserable, to some winters are all about Christmas and gifts but to Jennifer – it’s all about enjoying every bit of the snowfall and of course the best part of it – making a snowman. She just enjoys every bit about this weather. The purity of the snow elevates her spirit and a kind of positivity springs within her. The sight of freshly lain snow as a white blanket made the earth look as pristine as a book ready for new stories to unfold.

Jennifer turns into a kid around winter time and gets in to a sort of irresistible enthusiasm. She quickly freshened herself and got into her winter boots to espy the frosty world outside. She opened her arm wide and looked above. The snow alighted on Jennifer’s face softer than the kisses of her mother. She clapped her gloved hands with joy for the snow had hugged her house like a day old baby, new and clingy. The swirling white and the lush green grass collided making the shrubs and trees stain in white.

The freezing fog wrapped around her as she gazed at the everyday familiar sights of the streets now looking like an unfinished canvas painting. Jennifer closed her eyes and let her happiness soak right in to her soul which was already lingering with the tune of ‘Frosty the Snowman’..

………..Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul


…………thumpety thump, thump , thumpety thump, thump…..look at Frosty go!

…………………………………………………………over the hills of snow!

Well, there was snow, deep large flakes, perfect for rolling on to a ‘snowman’. Since her childhood days, Jennifer loved winter and snow especially for this one reason – building her own snowman. She was so used to making him every winter that her ‘snowman ‘was very popular among her neighborhood children.

When she started ‘THE SNOWMAN CLUB’ three years back, her mom had rolled her eyes- but now their home was a winter destination for the neighborhood kids. If there was snow on the ground, the kids would arrive in toques and scarves.Now that its fluffy stuff all around, isn’t that enough to set up Jennifer’s imagination on fire!

Yaayyy! Jennifer showed her sparkling toothed gum to the sub-zero air and shouted in joy “I just have snow-many ideas!”. when she was shouting her mind out, her little naughty assistants came running towards her at beck and call.

08144747_0528Kevin, Sid, Lily and Ana were busy brining in things for decorating their outcome while Jennifer started rolling balls of snow along the white blanket. Three balls on top of another gave shape to the white figure.
Lily and Ana who were style divas brought red and blue scarf, fuzzy lime-green ear mufflers, huge black sunglasses and rainbow colored mittens. Sid gave some jelly beans for making the mouth while Kevin gave a snow shovel.
As every year, this year too after much discussion among the building mates, their snow figure was named as “Glitzy”. ‘Glitzy’ now stood huge by the pine tree with his innocent jelly bean mouth, slanting carrot nose, red and blue scarf, lime-green ear muffs, and rainbow colored mittens holding a snow shovel in one hand and appearing almost smiling at them.

Having done a great job, Jennifer and her army of cold children retreated to her house to have a fun game as a part of their club activity. The game went like this, if anyone could make Jennifer sissy to laugh out loud, they would win a marshmallow snowman!. And since she laughed at way so easily, the kids always gave it a try. With sounds of laughter and fun filling the cold day, Jennifer’s mom would fill their festive mugs with hot chocolate.

 As usual it was Sid who won most of the snowman marshmallows so as to enjoy poking him and watch it melt in the hot chocolate.When all the eating and drinking stuff was done, Jennifer closed the curtains on the wintry scene and all the five of them couched to watch the ‘The Frozen ‘movie – scurrying toward the smell of popcorn that drifted from the kitchen.

As the children started to enjoy the movie, Jennifer gently closed her eyes and drifted into a serene and blissful nap…



March 11, 2013                                                                  

It was 8 am, a busy morning as usual. Divya, was waiting at the bus stop, which was at an important juncture in the city. She loves this city with every fiber of her being for she was born and brought up in this wonderful city that never sleeps!. She was witnessing the hustling city leaning over the bus stop pillar. Each person in the street moved as if unseen hands dragged them. They responded in predictable ways, each of them with a goal to achieve for the day. She was lost in the life of the crowd, the vibrant clothes that shine in the morning sun, and the vehicles that move like shoals of fish. There was chatter between buyers and sellers, street hawker’s rhythmic shouts, old friends catching up, new friends made over the bus stops. The whole scenario was energetic and full of life.

Though Divya was lost in the beauty of the morning life, her eyes did not miss to see the little girl in school uinform trying to cross the road. She could also see a white swift coming from the opposite side at breakneck speed! Before she could alert the girl, with a wink of an eye, it had zoomed past, throwing the little girl into the pavement like a toy!

“Ah……….”came the chorus scream from the pedestrians and the people on the road. Everyone rushed to the spot and crowded around the accident victim. Divya too ran and squeezed into the crowd. While the crowd was cursing the hit and run car and empathizing with the girl, Divya was into action. She quickly took the victim on her lap, tied her dupatta on the girl’s head where blood was oozing. Hastily, she was trying to do all the first aid she knew with the help of few good hearts in the crowd.

A young man dressed in formals acted fast. He disciplined the crowd “please move aside, give space, we have to take her to the hospital immediately. Somebody help her to get into my car, I’ll drive to the hospital.”

There was silence in the crowd. As it was peak hour in the morning, everybody had their own commitments. Without second thought, Divya shouted “I’ll come along. Let’s move fast”. Divya sat in the back seat of his car with the girl on her lap. Though the situation is not apt for admiring him, Divya couldn’t resist seeing him in through the front mirror. He had a kind of face that stopped her in her tracks.

The chap drove the car fast and at the same time cleverly.

“Excuse me, can you please dial the 5th number in my dialed list “he said passing his mobile to her.


Divya dialed as he said. The mobile was connected to the car’s Bluetooth. He quickly informed his friend in the police department about the accident and where they are now heading to. Divya was impressed by his presence of mind.

As they were nearing the multispecialty hospital,, he told divya “ since it is an accident case, the hospital may hesitate sometimes to start the treatment if they come to know that we are strangers to this girl. Lets’ tell them that we are related to her so that, she is treated fast. That’s why I have informed my police friend too. Hope you don’t mind”..

Saying this he didn’t wait for her response. He stopped the car, opened the back door for her and rushed into the reception counter.

The little girl was laid on a stretcher and Divya too moved to the reception counter.

Divya was silently watching him speak with real care and tension “sister, emergency!. A little girl known to us got hit by a car when she was crossing the road. I have informed the police about this case. Please treat her immediately!”

“Patient’s name please” the receptionist asked

 “Priya” Darshini”, both of them told simultaneously.

“What??!” the receptionist asked puzzled

“em…Priyadharshini!” Divya managed cleverly.

He looked at Divya with a sigh of relief, “You proceed along with the little girl for the treatment while I finish giving the required details here”.

Divya nodded her head and went behind the stretcher, praying for the little girl.

Both of them were waiting outside the emergency ward where the girl was getting treated.  In few minutes, the duty doctor came to them “a surgery needs to done to the patient immediately. The concern is, she has lost a lot of blood and we are in need of A2B+ ve for her which is a rare group. And unfortunately, our blood bank doesn’t have that group. Please inform all your friends and contacts and we will also try out in our sources. This is very urgent.”

Divya and the young man got busy with each of their mobile phones spreading the news for the blood donor requirement. But everything turned out negative. Both of them knew that they were running out of time and every second of delay will count on the girl’s life.

“Excuse me.  I have an idea; there is an IT company near this hospital. Mass young crowd! Let’s try our luck there. May be we will find a donor there”

That sounded sensible for him too. Dropping her at the  IT company’s entrance he said “you move on, will park the car and join you”

She was very quick than he expected, before he could come she had already spoken with the HR people and got permission to speak with the employees in the meeting hall.  “Excuse me friends” he started and spoke in short about the incident and their purpose of their visit. One person came forward “I am Rahul and I am ready to help you”. “That’s great! Come on buddy; let’s hurry up “, and the three of them left immediately to the hospital.

After the initial procedures, the operation started within an hour and finally the girl’s life was saved!.

All the three of them were silently waiting at the operation theatre corridor. He broke the silence by asking“I’ll leave Rahul at office ”

“Ok “she replied

“Ok Rahul, Let’s move. I’ll drop u back” and as he took few steps, he looked back at her only to see that she was gazing at the walls. “why, don’t you also come, anyway they’ll not let us see the girl for some time. You’ll feel awkward sitting alone here.”. before he could complete, she had already walked few steps towards him!.

With both the men seated at the front, Divya seated at the back ,was listening to his thank you’s to Rahul. All these conversations were in English as Rahul was a north Indian.  Between conversations, He never missed to catch her smiling face in the mirror. Sometimes she’d look in his way and he generally pretended not to notice, too much interest may send her wrong signals! But when their eyes met, she blushed ever so slightly and the flicker in her eyes, he never wanted it to die

As they dropped Rahul at his office, he waved good bye to both of them and spoke in tamil “ஒன்றும்  கவலை படாதீர்கள் . பாப்பா சீக்கரம் குணமாகிவிடுவாள்” (please don’t worry the little girl  will get well soon!)

He turned back instantly  and caught Divya giggling to herself! Showing all his command over the language to impress her went in vain.He cursed Rahul for betraying him over the language.

 “Shall we move?” she smiled as if she read his mind.

Returning back to the hospital, they gathered information about the girl’s parents after the little girl came in to conscious. Both her parents were daily wage laborers and knowing that they couldn’t afford the bill, he moved on to settle the bill for them..Just then, he heard her call “here, this is my ATM card and this is my pin. Let’s share the bill”.

“Oh my goodness! Are you mad? How do you believe me and share your pin number!. What if I escape?” he asked sarcastically.

“Hello, Mr!. You had left your iphone 6 and your car keys on the chair!. Well, if you want them back, you have to return “she replied showing them with twinking eyes! He tried to glower at her but couldn’t last long in front of her glowing eyes. ““Smart”, he grinned  and left to the ATM.

While he was away , Divya was lost in thoughts. Rewinding back  day, her mind refused to go beyond this young man that she was acquainted with now. Despite all the opportunity that came in his way to flirt, he seemed to be the one-woman-man who prized genuineness and thoughtful conversation above physical attractions. He was handsome outside and beautiful inside.

After settling the bill, both of them took leave from the girl’s parents. As they neared the hospital gate, “come, I’ll drop you at your home”

“No thanks, I’ll go. Have informed my dad, he’ll pick me up”

Divya badly wanted to talk to him and know more about him. She bit her lip, how could she start a conversation when he doesn’t seem to know her more? At that instant he turned and caught her eye as if he read her mind; before she could turn away with shyness, a genuine grin spread across his face, turning it from handsome to divine.

 He came back to her “by the way, I forgot to tell you, I am Gautham”. He came forward to shake hands.. In that moment she felt her body flush warm. This was the person she wanted to know more than she’d ever felt before. This was the guy she could love for eternity.

“I am Divya” she replied back

With much hesitation “can I ask you one thing, if you don’t mistake “.Really, she was mannerly enough to avoid gawking at random strangers. But this handsome before her, radiating with nothing but grace had her enthralled. If only, he had the same feeling for her, she thought.

“Come on, no worries; go ahead “he waved in front of her gazing eyes.

Praying all her favorite deities to rescue, she asked dragging

“Well….. Who IS… that ….Priya?”

He knew instantly that she was sailing in the same boat as he was! Inwardly thanking God, he said “why do you ask this?”.

“Just like that!. If it’s personal, it’s ok “she replied looking at him curiously what he would say.  He deeply looked into her eyes and replied “yes! Of course it’s personal. That is my mom!”

The moment she heard this, she felt as though someone’s given her peace. Her heart was dancing around her chest; and the  hole, she was never aware of had been filled. She felt so light, literally on top of the world.


Oct 15, 2016 (at the same hospital):

It’s strange-frightening even – how did she go from someone being a complete stranger, to then being completely infatuated and wondering how it ever happen that she is completely lost in him now! He’s is her MR.RIGHT, her best friend and her anchor. Her one stability in this world which is filled with chaos. She came back to reality by the cries of their little angel “PRIYA DHARSHINI”