I Cherish the WOMEN IN ME

While there are so many complex facets of being a woman, here’s the #WomanInMe who speaks about her accomplishments in the journey of womanhood

I was gifted with this life and got introduced into this world as a daughter by my parents. I am here because my parents wanted me to be here and God made me a girl, so DAUGHTER first! The journey in to the wonderful path of womanhood started with this identity of mine.

As a daughter – I am humbled and sheltered. I was encouraged to be independent and was taught to be more resilient. I trust in my own abilities as I was let to handle disappointments and pick myself again. I was let to do mistakes and discover that I can recover and try again and again, no matter what comes in. While I am innocent to my parents forever asking why’s and what if’s, I am happy of what I am today as a daughter knowing the essential life skills of tenacity and resilience and to face the world with pride.

As a sister – A special bond in which am bound by blood and a bosom buddy for life to my siblings. Though I am not like them, they are a part of me. I have shared their fear, pain and joy. Traveled hand in hand in the springs and autumns of life’s flow. I have been someone who makes them smile in times of blue, someone who’s been there for them to always care. Happy am I as a sister to be able to give lots of love, sometimes mature thoughts and to be the best emotional support. Well, I am equally privileged to be cared, protected and secured by the virtue of just being their sister!

As a wife – The most significant role of mine as a woman and a completely different one from my other roles. I laugh, comfort and give my shoulders to lean on, to my life- my better half. I reverence, notice, regard, esteem, value, admire and listen to him. I ignore his ignorance and tolerate his flaws- for to me there’s no limit to my love’s full measure. I have been supportive, positive and been there for him as a brick wall – to hold him rather hold us to keep our bond stronger. It is in this role, I am blessed with  the immense ability to switch on and off in to different roles – a mother, sister, a friend and a life partner when time demands.

As a mother- The most rewarding and exhausting role of a woman. It is in this role that I have found the hidden strengths in me. The role which involves nurturing, guiding, teaching and providing mental and physical support to my own creations. I have learnt as a mother to win over my pains and struggles, take every single step with caution, and deal with roller coaster of emotions. Every single day as a mother is a challenge put forth in front of me. And mothering has helped to rediscover myself as a guardian angel to my wonderful kids.

Finally, I am all of these equally, proportionately mixed so that I complete as a Woman. And I am glad to be the woman who wears her heart with pride on her sleeves- where the entire world can see.

For all I am the woman I can be, the one I want to be, could be and would be! and I cherish the #WomanInMe




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