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How would a woman miraculously change? How do you not look back with regret after having a baby and giving up all of your personal freedoms? I used to have so many of questions like these kinds until I too ‘became the woman who changed’! To me, when you love someone unconditionally, sacrificing for them isn’t a painful affair at all. And when that someone is created by you!—that doesn’t need any explanation!

I see motherhood as a wake- up call to how you look at life. I mean, it changes your whole outlook of life. It takes a life to take care of a life! – doesn’t this sound absolutely true?. It goes without saying that my life has never been the same after I signed myself for motherhood. Everything, from my hair to my clothes, how I keep my things  to how I maintain my home, how I eat to how I go to the bathroom, my entire life with kids is different than my life prior to having kids. I have learned so much and I fully believe that the most important part of parenting is constantly learning and discovering. I have never had so much motivation as I do after two kids.

It doesn’t mean that I’d forgotten my life before, or that I don’t miss aspects of it, but I became we and that change was so total that I can’t imagine a life without them. Their presence becomes the fixed point around which my world rotates. I find myself making decisions in ways my previous self could not have imagined. Sometimes this grates, but they are MY decisions and they reflect my new priorities.


Motherhood is not about gestating and birthing, it is the attitude and actions of every day after deciding to take responsibility for another being.The changes of motherhood are many but shifting. What remains is the sense that I am no longer the bird on the tree but more of the tree itself – the solid base for the next generation to spring from.This also changed my perception of those who shaded me from the burning sun – my parents. I started to look at my parents in a different perspective- the way they might have brought us all up to become socially responsible human beings.

I was not only an individual now but I was a generation, and my relationship to those before and after motherhood is made to manifest in the behaviors I witness in myself as a parent. Time frames stretch to the horizon instead of the end of some target.  If you choose to be a tree, then forest management becomes important.

Being a mother is the epitome of evolution. The admiration and approval (hugs and kisses)of toddlers is so much more gratifying than any glowing appreciations I have received. I know I’m not perfect & I’m learning to accept that I’ve made (and will continue to make) parenting mistakes, but every day I strive to provide the best care for my family & learn more so I can pass that knowledge on to my kids.

This was written as a part of #HavingABabyChangesEverything contest at


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