A Croaky end to the curse


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It was three days since Aman and Ramdev were fallen for the curse of the ripped blade and still both of them were clueless about how to proceed to break the curse and solve the mystery. Aman was always seen lost in thoughts.

Ever since the curse, Aman had the habit of walking through the woods that led to the  adbandoned house in search of  some clue-sometimes on daylight and sometimes on dusk. On one such search on the 4th day, when he was nearing the house, he could hear some strange noise and also smelt something smoky. Sniffing the smell like a detective, Aman slowly approached towards one of the windows from the backyard. The smoke smell drifted out of the open window as strongly as an incense stick.

images (3)

At first that’s what he thought about the smell , until he saw the volume of the grey mist under the open sash window. That’s when he felt his panic rise up and his mouth went dry in seconds. He couldn’t breathe and tried very hard to control the dry cough it trigged. Now the smoke smelt of kerosene and not so pleasant reminding of expensively cured fish or cheese but overpowering and unpleasant.

Among the grey smokes Aman was able to see, hazily a mysterious man!. He quickly rubbed his eyes well to get a clearer frame as the smoke had blurred his vision. And now when he saw , he was blanched to see that the mysterious man was the ‘hooded frog man’ that his eyes visualized when he got hurt with the cursed blade! A chill of fear ran over his spine and his eyes kept flicking to the man so still, so decrepit. Coming to his senses, he crept closer to the window and started to observe the strange man carefully.

His attire was strange from the darkening gloom. It was theatrical but shabby, a cloak like a magician with a flash of red silk beneath the collar. And at the same time he was hooded too! He was ranting some mysterious words and his voice echoed through the house like a thunder through a precipitous ravine. And then there was pin drop silenceimages (2)

Suddenly, the silence was surrendered to the haunting scream of footsteps which approached him lurking closer. Aman freezed in fear. He started hypoventilising, trying hard hard to avoid making any sound. Each second seemed to playon forever, as he stood perfectly still. . Heinous thoughts coursed through Aman’s mind when he witnessed these- Should he move forward to solve the curse he is into or give up and succumb to it as his friend Das.

He remained hidden within the darkness of nightfall, amongst the bushes that entangled the window.

 Deep inside, his inner voice spoke to him “fear is a part of being human, Aman. It’s the pre cursor to bravery. You need it, feel it . own it and let it ignite your thoughts. Come on , don’t fall prey to it.”  Aman made up his mind, brought courage and stood there still motionless to face the consequence. He made his ears sharper, mind paranoid for every snap of a twig or a swishing sound of night breeze as a predator.

To his surprise, the footsteps faded past him and disappeared into the house!. So, there is not one but two involved in the mystery now!. There still stood the mysterious man who now had someone standing opposite to him. Aman quickly guessed..it must be the man whose footsteps scared him just few minutes back. But wait!.. the new comer’s voice sounded familiar to him!.To his astonishment, it was none other than his own grandfather ‘Ramdev’!..Oh man! What is he doing here?? And that too with that mysterious man??..questionnaire of thoughts swirled in his mind and something striked now..”Ah!, now I remember Das telling me of seeing my grandpa near this house on one of his attempts to decipher the treasure quest”..Aman was puzzed! But then isin’t he also cursed with the blade and counting on his days of death along with me?

He slightly, leaned more towards the crack in the window so that he can hear their conversation clearly. He had never seen his grandpa like this before!. Under that exuberant personality was someone more vulnerable than he could have ever guessed. From the way they both spoke , he came to know that the mysterious man was a necromancer and that his granpa had already known about the treasure that this house has. It was more shocking to him when he knew that it was his own grandpa who is behind this curse and making the villagers believe about it!

“ kaali, tell me a way to come out of this curse. There must be an alternative to every spell. I can’t give my life like that! It was all because of my stupid grandson !I had to voluntarily fall to the curse. Just to make him believe that I too was curious like him!.. I didn’t expect either him to fall prey for it!.. I thought he will believe all this after his friend’s death”

Kaali, the dillenttante wizard was rolling his eyes with wickedness and stood looking at Ramdev

“Kaaaaaliiiii”, shouted Ramdev.. “ are you deaf??? Am begging you for my life and you are standing still!?”

It was my fault Ramdev ji!!..I should have killed you first when you came to know about this house’s secrets… I had to leave you since you saved me half way from my curse by plucking that purple plant “

“That is the stupidest thing I did on this earth! To hell with my love of plants. I had to come to this place to get that rare palnt.it’s all my fate” mumbled Ramdev to himself

ummmm…” thundered Kaali. “ I will remove the cast over you..but with one condition?”

“What? Condition..?”

“Promise me that you or your stupid grandson will never try to come here again. Nor should you both open your mouth about this to anyone? Well, if you fail to… I think you know about my super powers don’t you?? “  he smiled sarcastically “  I need all the secrets and treasures buried here to increase my super powers and get back my original human form“.

 Aman couldn’t believe all these. He pinched himself to see whether he was day dreaming. But to his disappointment it was real.

 Ramdev nodded to whatever Kaali told. A hostile smile played over Kaali’s lips as he whispered evil spells over the ripped blade.

He handed the blade to Ramdev and said “now bruise yourself and your grandson with this blade again. Both of you will be freed from the curse and remember about my words”, he laughed hysterically.

Aman quickly ran back home before his grandpa could reach.

The next day:

Aman pretended to be indulged in deep thoughts as usual. To Ramdev it was as if Aman was lost in thoughts about ways to solve the mystery but to Aman it was a mix of emotions about the treasure/ secrets , last night’s overhear, Das’s death and finally about his own grandpa!. He could sense Ramdev standing behind him. He must be having the blade with him now, Aman thought. In an eye’s wink, Aman jumped on Ramdev and seized the blade.

Ramdev was clueless about his sudden attack. So, before he could get to his balance , Aman had already bruised both of them with the blade and threw it. He also tied his grandpa to a chair.

dhadha… I am teriibly upset with you!.. why on earth did you do like this?”. “ I know everything, I saw  you with that wizard last night”.

Ramdev was shocked.

 Aman beta, please listen to me. I confess that I made a grave mistake. But I never knew that Kaali would kill Das. I was really shocked like you. He had threatened me not to tell about this anyone and he was the one who casted the spell on the blade and added fuel to it by those visuals when touched. And I never thought this teriible drama would drag both of us init!”. “ let me tell you one thing about Kaali, I know a way how to stop kaali and safeguard the treasure. I just wanted to get the curse out of me and you.  I remember kaali telling me once that before he gets his original man form fully, he will be half man half frog in the nights and in frog form during daytime. But sunlight is very dangerous to him as even a ray of it falling on him will make him lose all powers and turn him out to be a frog forever”.

 Without second thought, Aman started to run to the abandoned house as it was going to be noon. With the sun shining piercing hot, this is the right time to make that wizard a frog forever.

beeetaaa… He lives as a frog in the nearby well…”. He could hear his granpa’s cry.

He stopped near the well, panted for a while. It was piercing hot!, the right time to bring that wizard out. He quickly dragged old planks, logs and what ever he found on the abandoned house to cover the well. He put all possible things he found nearby so that not evena ray of light penetrates inside the well.

download (1)If his calculation was right, the Wizard would jump out thinking that dusk had fallen . he would come out in half man-half frog form. Aman hid behind a tree nearbyand wwaited patiently.Within a few minutes, strong wind blew from nowhere making dust twirls and gushing sounds. Strange noises echoed from the well and ‘boom’ came Kaali out of the well. As expected by Aman, Kaali couldn’t tolerate the hot sun and in no time, that mysterious, ranting hooded frog figure turned out to a tiny little frog! Croaking and jumping in the hot sun , it found its way to a nearby  bush.

With a great sigh of relief, Aman went to the village. He informed the local police and the treasure was handed over to the government. Ramdev  too surrendered to the police . Everyone at the village were praising Aman for his courage and intelligence but Aman owed everything to his lost friend Das.

After all these, Aman was still confused, are there real wizards? Does super natural power exist?.. he still couldn’t believe what he went through in the past few days!.

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