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Social Cruation Shopping @ a ZAP

For the longest time I thought ‘Fashion’ was something you had to read in a magazine, until I found that, it really is about your own ‘Style’. While we should never judge some one based on appearance, fashion gives us a unique chance to learn a little bit about each person we meet right away. The style you sport can say a lot about who you are. Each day when we’re getting ready, we have the opportunity to express a bit more about how we are feeling and where we’re going. Beyond our day-to-day looks is our overall personal style.

If I had to describe ‘My Style’, I would say it is a kind of elusive beast at its best. I trust my instincts and wear accordingly. Sometimes I am a consummate diva, sometimes I’m laid back and some days I’m casual.Now that I am a full time mom and a home-maker,  I wear a lot of cotton salwars, casual pants and kurtis which is both comfortable for me and my toddler. They are comfortable, moderately casual and fit many social situations perfectly.

More recently physical shopping has became more of a ritual and very tiresome with my naughty toddler.And with the trend of  online shopping and the variety of choices it offers , I was attracted to buying online as an alternate.we are now living through what’s been described as “information obesity” with respect to online shopping.With various online e-commerce stores , each giving their  own unique offers and discounts, it kind of confuses people like me who tend to browse few stores to compare prices.

Usually I tend to eye on ‘ kurti’s and casuals on online stores. I get exhausted to scroll down the umpteen number of items listed , go on each  store to pick the best that suits my budget..hugh..sometimes it tests my patience!..I also shop books, accessories (specially handbags!) and kids stuff online.

And on one such shopping  encounters, I happen to step upon ( an online curator website) which gave me heaping options to compare and pick my choices at best buy. It is good and customer centric and creates value by making the products better suited for the  individual visitor goals and target audiences.

I was so impressed by the way the site it lets you create your own store where in you have the option of building your product profile. well, its double the joy when your  followers buy products from your store profile ’cause you earn money! and it gives reward rates too!

what more! with a zap, I created my profile and here’s the link to my zap store profile .

As i already mentioned , i have added few ethnic wears for me.

My daughter is a huge fan of Geronimo Stilton series and she loves reading other classics too..I have added special edition Geronimo box sets and Scholastic junior classics  for my bookworm.

You can also see handbags in my list as My store isin’t complete without those!After all,  accessories help to carry your style.

I get even more choosy when i shop for my hubby. Have included three casual slim fit shirts and a capris for him .Finally, my profile is gadget-ted with two branded smart phones which are our all time buddy.

Do visit to get a curative shopping experience and don’t forget to visit  my Zapstore profile to check on my choices and in any case my profile has your favorite item in it…then Zap ahead to grab it!!


Sharing my curated shopping experience for “I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.





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