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Year: 2050

Date: July 4th

Place: Washington D.C


Conversation between two  young American IT professionals

Mark: “hey Brian, what’s up? In which stage is your Chennai skilled worker Program proceeding?

Brian: “well, just finished my Visa Interview yesterday @ Indian Embassy!”

Mark: “that’s cool man!.. How did it go?.. Heard that it’s getting very strict these days”

Brian: “ yeah, but managed to get it through!”

Mark: “ congrats man!, how long did it take?.. they have all their strict procedures right!”

Brian: “hugh!…it look hell a lot of time…long queue. In fact I had a kind of butterflies in my stomach when I saw ppl lining up like that”

Mark: “I have heard my dad say that it was vice versa way back in 2016”

Brian: “exactly!.. well, now they’re ‘ Bade Bhaiya’! Socially and economically!”

Mark: “tell me how did you manage in the interview? And how did you cope up with their language. You know every state has its own language!”

Brian: “Ha, Mark!, that’s  where I cleverly chose Chennai. From my school days I have been learning Tamil from my aunt who is a Tamilian. You know, at the consulate they even tested my local language proficiency. Thank God, my Tamil scores in TOTIL was 4.5 (Test Of Tamil as Indian Language) . And I was lucky enough to be directed to kidki 3 (vias officer there is a native tamilian)..He was awestruck by the way I greeted him “ Vanakkam sir, Nalla irukeengala “ in a typical Indian style by joining palms.”

Mark: “that’s great..By the way who’s your sponsor?

Brian: “ Honeywell technology solutions, a pure south Indian company. And I am posted in Madurai, the marvelous temple city!”

Mark: “oh really!, lucky to work in a pure Indian company. People down there are really intelligent. Indian companies are pay masters and they value your work”

Brain: “true Mark. I hope companies here to follow their footsteps”

Mark: “so, you gonna have fun there!”

Brian: “yeah!, I will be living in one of the ancient city in the world. Got to speak the ancient language, will get a chance to travel across my dream country INDIA in smart trains, will be visiting their wonderful flora and fauna! And ofcourse the most entertaining Kollywood!..”

Mark: “ how about the salary?, will you be able to manage?”

Brian: “ pretty cool and cost of living is quiet manageable when compared to Chennai , Coimbatore. It is 1000 rupees for single room accommodation. And the best part of this city is it lip smacking foods!.I need to allocate some extra amount for that.”

Mark: “ oh no!, that’s way high for US people.” (* current exchange rate is $150 per rupee) and “how long is your tenure Brian?”

Brian: “what do you mean by ‘how long’, I am assured that my Aadhar card will be processed in a year’s time!..That means, I am settled there forever!”

Mark: “sounds cool!, you know their PM is scheduled to visit US by 2052, maybe he will relax the visa terms and increase the number of  visa intakes!”

Brian: “hopefully!, make sure you join me soon!”

Mark: “of course!, who would deny to settle in India – the  historial/cultural and economical super power”

Brian: ” Good luck with that”



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2 thoughts on “INDIA @2050 – EVERY AMERICAN’S DREAM!”

  1. It was quite a time utilising blog post. 😊
    The exchange rate literally made me exclaim:- wow!
    Hope this virtual conversation becomes existential in 2050…


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