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Mor Kazhli – ( porridge cake with butter milk)

Mor Kazhli – a quick and easy traditional south Indian recipe which gets prepared in just 15 minutes . A perfect light tiffin for after school/work or even for dinner. Usually made with left over sour butter milk which makes the dish more tasty. let’s get into the making!


Rice flour                                                                                     1  cup
Sour buttermilk                                                                          2 cups

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds                                                                              1 tsp
Bengal gram                                                                                 1 tsp
Urid dhal                                                                                       1 tsp
Asafoetida powder                                                                       1/2  tsp
Mor milagaai                                                                                3

curry leaves                                                                                  few



  1. Blend sour curd with 1 cup of water. (If needed add more water. The mix must not be thick and must be like butter milk.)
  2. Take a vessel and mix rice flour, blended curd, asafoetida powder & salt and mix thoroughly
  3. Place the pan on a stove in medium flame
  4. Add 2 tsp of gingely oil and add mustard and allow it to burst
  5. Add mor milagaai and saute until they turn black
  6. Now add bengal gram, urid dhal and saute till they turn brownish red
  7.  Finally add the curry leaves and saute for few seconds
  8. Turn the  stove to low flame
  9. Add the rice flour mix to the pan and mix well and keep on stirring otherwise it will form lumps.
  10.  switch of the stove when the mixture  does not stick to the pan or starts to leave the sides.
  11. Then apply oil in plate. Then transfer the mixture to the greased plate.


  1. Make this mixture flat by using spatula. Cut into desired shape so as to make kids eat with fun
  2. You can serve as such for adults.

Keep in Mind:

Instead of mor milagaai, you can also use red chilly.



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